How to backup and restore data

You can use the backup/restore feature to store a backup of YourCloset data to your Google Drive account. The data can be restored to any Android device using the App. Backup/Restore is a premium feature.


Below are the steps to setup automatic backup YourCloset data to your Google Drive account:

  • Enable backup on your Android device.
  • To enable backup, navigate to settings. Select “backup & sync” setting. Select the toggle to enable backup.
  • It’ll prompt you for a Google drive account. Select any google account.
  • Once enabled, it’ll show “waiting for backup” status
  • Click on “backup now”. Status will change to “backing up data”. This might take some time depending on the number of clothes.
  • Once the backup completes, status will show “last backup” with the timestamp.

NOTE: Only one device should be enabled for backup for a given Google Drive account.


Below are the steps to restore the backup to another Android device:

  • Ensure the backup from your primary device is completed
  • Open the app on your second Android device
  • Navigate to setting, “backup & sync”
  • Click on “restore from backup”
  • It’ll prompt you for the Google account. Use the same account which you used to backup data from your primary device
  • Once the restore starts, it’ll show the status “restoring data” and once the restore is complete, it’ll show “data restored successfully”
  • Try navigating to different sections of the App

The data should be ready to use on your second device.