How to import clothing items

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Below are the steps to import clothings items from photo gallery, google photos or other photo apps on your device.

Step 1: Click on Menu button on the Bottom Bar. This will open up menu options.

Step 2: From the Menu, select “From Gallery” option. This will show the category list where you would like to put the imported items

Menu Bottom Bar

Step 3: Select the category for the new items from Gallery. This will open your phone Gallery

Step 4: Select All the photos to be imported from the Gallery, Google Photos etc (Gallery sometimes only allows one photo at a time, but Google Photos and other photo apps allow selecting multiple photos) How to change the default import app

Step 4: Select done in the photo app. This will start the import process

Step 5: Once all the photos are imported, navigate to the Category selected in Step 3 to view the new items