How to remove background

From view item screen click on the edit action in the top navigation

In the Edit item screen choose one of the edit options:

Edit Item Option

  1. Crop: used to crop a rectangular region of the image. Its always good to crop the image to remove the unwanted areas
  2. Scissor cut: use to cut an irrregular region of the image, by drawing the cut line with your finger
  3. Tap Erase: works well when the background has a contrasting color compared to the clothing item
  4. Manual Erase: Allows you to erase the background of the image by touching and dragging on the screen

Tap Erase

Video below shows how to add a new Clothing item and remove background with Tap erase. If you have an existing clothing item, you can still remove the background using tap erase, by clicking on edit action in the view item screen.

Tap Erase Details

Clicking on the Tap erase action in the bottom navigation bar will bring up a slider in the bottom bar. The slider controls the color sensitivity of the tap erase region. You can try out different levels (you can undo the erase if it doesn’t work out)

Tap Erase Initial

Touch on the background of the image.

Tap Erase Final

Click on the Check action in the top action bar to accept the tap erase, or Undo to revert the change